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Mastery Over Anger: Using anger constructively

Course Mentor: Dr. James V Potter

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Mastery Over Anger is designed for Pastoral and Counselor Training, enabling students who complete the course to appropriately and effectively intervene in situations requiring Anger-management and/or Domestic Violence Abatement.

Mastery Over Anger will help you to acquire the skills necessary to effectively instruct others, to manage their anger, to use it effectively -- to resolve problems rather then create them, to heal, rather than hurt the ones they love.

In nine dynamic information-packed lessons, author/instructor, James V. Potter, Ph.D., provides keys to: understanding the nature of family abuse and violence, stopping angry outbursts, getting below the anger into the underlying negative emotions, how to examine the real or perceived injustices that gave rise to such emotions, and how to release these emotions, thus facilitating resolution of past injustices, and the reconciliation and restoration of relationships. The course closes with a comparison of destructive and ineffective 'dirty-fighting' techniques compared to a proven 10-step approach to effective conflict resolution.

Mastery Over Anger comprises Part 1 of a proven personhood healing and relationship restoration and enhancement program. In fifteen years of clinical use, program graduates have demonstrated a recidivism, or relapse, rate of less than ten percent (10%)!

Extensive web-links and bibliography included for serious students.

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Credit:3 contact hours
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