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Assertiveness, Individuation & Autonomy (Faith-based Assertiveness Training)

Course Mentor: Dr. James V Potter

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The lack of assertiveness affects many individuals and their relationships. If you or someone you know often says yes when they really feel like saying no, have difficulty handling criticism, or want to become a Domestic Violence Counselor or Anger-Management Facilitator, this course is for you. The skills learned through this course will prepare you for your job, enhance your relationships and improve your parenting skills. Learn to say NO effectively. Discover how to manage criticism, how to reframe information to avoid conflict, and how to maintain self-control. If you say yes when you'd rather say no? If you are afraid that refusing another's request might result in rejection, or have a lot of bitterness and/or resentment toward certain people because they somehow overpower and control you? Then you need this course! Learning and practicing assertiveness will help you stay in control and set you free!

Course Format:  Lessons/Lectures

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Credit:3 contact hours
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