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Conquering Codependency: Restoring Your Self-identity

Course Mentor: Dr. James V Potter

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Conquering codependency will provide you the skills necessary to guide those you minister to in their journey out of Codependency and Conflict into a Healthy Self-Identity and fulfilling relationships. Codependency has aptly been called the "common cold" of relationships. It is not only associated with all addictions and obsessive-compulsive disorders, but, is in many ways, an addiction disorder in its own right: an addiction to pathological relationships, acceptance and approval. If you presently provide counseling to individuals, couples or families, or facilitate groups working on codependency issues -- this course is designed for you!

The course imparts skills such as the relationship between self-confidence and self-understanding; the differences between codependency & self-identity; how to identify personal codependent traits; the relationhship between shame, codependence and addiction; developing healthy personal boundaries; how to track one's recovery; and the relationship between conquering codependency and spiritual awakening and growth.

There are nine information and skill-development packed lessons that will enable you to positively impact your counselees' life-style, setting them free from codependency and facilitating healing in dysfunctional, troubled families. The completion of this course, together with the courses: "Mastery Over Anger," and "Assertiveness, Individuation & Autonomy" fulfulls the didatic requisites for certification as a Domestic Violence Specialist I through the American Association of Christian Therapists (AACT).

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