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Healing Inner-Child Wounds: Breaking Negative Life-Commandments

Course Mentor: Dr. James V Potter

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There is an age old proverb that where there is the fruit, there are the roots. Beneath all problem behavior, addictions, codependency and other life-controlling problem lies unresolved wounds - hidden wounds experienced by our inner-child or true-self. These wounds trigger the onset of aberrant coping skills and negative life-commandments (what we have told ourselves that we must do under certain situations and circumstances). No amount of behavior-modification, or cognitive counseling will resolve these wounds since they are not cognitive (or intellectual) wounds, but emotional and spiritual. To be healed, our spirit and our emotions must be healed. Only then will we be willing to give ourselves new life-commandments. Only then, will our thoughts and the resulting behaviors change. This course provides details into the early-life span development stages: what development tasks one should have completed; what rites of passage one should have traversed; and the disorders manifest when these tasks were not completed, the rites of passage not taken. Finally, the course provides therapeutic interventions, including healing prayer, designed to resolve the unresolved, set aright one's life-orientation, and help one create and implement healthy life-commandments. This course and its accompanying text will provide an excellent resource for pastors, chaplains, pastoral counselors, recovery counselors; as well as self-help enthusiasts who are seeking answers to their reactive behavior and wounded emotions.

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