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Toxic Shame & The Journey Out: A 12-Step Journey

Course Mentor: Dr. James V Potter

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Course Description:

Toxic Shame and The Journey Out A course designed for both self-help and growth as well as for counselor and facilitator training.

Do the words, "Shame on you," "You are a bad girl/boy," "You can't do anything right," etc. etc. still ring in your mind? Do you struggle with guilt and shame? Are you now, or have you been, in recovery for chemical dependency or another addiction, abuse recovery, or dependency? Do you have trouble making healthy relationships and/or keeping them? If, so, this course is your answer.

Toxic Shame and The Journey Out is a faith-based course designed to facilitate recovery from the issue underlying all addictions, family abuse and violence, sexual-deviancy,and many other personal ills, including codependency: Toxic shame.

The course, while a stand-alone course, is part six of the comprehensive faith-based personhood healing and relationship reconciliation program -- the "Save Our Families" curricula that has been used successfully by clinical counselors for nearly two decades, and has juet recently been made available online.

The course incorporates the 12-step principles, and is designed as a self-help guide for use by individuals, a text for counselor and facilitator training, and is equally beneficial when used by facilitators and counselors in individual or group counseling.

Don't let shame keep you in bondage to addiction, dependency and/or codependency. Don't let it rob you of peace, happiness, joy and the intimacy you long for and deserve. Enroll today and begin the journey out of Toxic Shame!

Course Requirements The online course, referenced netlink resources and textbook include all required materials. Thes book, 'Toxic Shame & The Journey Out,' is available from the author, Dr. James V. Potter @ P.O. Box 994114 Redding, CA 96099, for $35.00 including shipping and handling, or may be ordered online @

Course Goals The primary goal for this course is to help you -- the student -- and/or those you work with -- find freedom from toxic shame and help you develop a positive self-concept that will enable you to become everything you were created to be.

Grading Policy Grading is on a percentage basis with points given for lesson quizzes, short research papers, etc, as set forth in the assignments.

Disclaimer Recovery is a journey -- not an event. Recovery is personal work. No one can do it for you, nor can you help another person with theirs. Recovery is hard work, requiring the acquisition and use of proper recovery tools. And, this is the purpose of this course -- to provide you with tools for recovery and illustrate their use. Best wishes on your journey.

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Credit:3 contact hours
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