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Growing Beyond Our Genetics: Escaping Adolescence & Becoming An Adult

Course Mentor: Dr. James V Potter

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Growing Beyond Our Genetics: Adolescence & Beyond

This course provides an essential resource for pastors, chaplains, pastoral counselors, school counselors and others who work with teens and/or those who have experienced trauma during their teens.

The course's effectiveness is attested to by the fact that it has been successfully used in Individual and Family Counseling, and in Certified Anger-Management and Batterer's Intervention programs for nearly twenty years.

Many had a difficult relationship with either or both parents, or other authorities they had to be accountable to as an adolescent who was someone that they had little or no respect for. As a result they frequently grow up and have major authority figure issues. They tend to have poor time-management, financial-management, and sexuality management skills and are usually very impulsive.

As adults, many have trouble discipling their own teenagers, and often feel "stuck" like there's nothing that they can do to change their unfulfilling life.

Growing Beyond Our Genetics: Adolescence & Beyond while a stand-alone course, is part of the "Save Our Families" series designed to provide an intense personhood healing, family restoration and relationship enhancement program.

The course facilitates the resolution of past, unresolved injustices, the cessation of family violence and abuse; the reconciliation of families; the healing of one's personhood; the restoration of societal values and norms concerning the family structure and the appropriate roles of adulthood.

The course provides keys to letting go of past injustices, breaking destructive life-commandments, and maturing into functional adulthood. This course also examines parenting styles and the effects of various styles on the developing adolescent. It provides invaluable information for those struggling through parent-child issues of the past, and those seeking to develop positive parenting skills for their own family, as well as those seeking information to help a family member or friend.

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