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Counseling Addicts & Offenders: A Guide to Criminal Justice Counseling

Course Mentor: Dr. James V Potter

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Counseling Addicts & Offenders fills a much needed niche in treatment literature, providing a faith-based guide to criminal justice and addiction counseling.

This course is designed specifially to provide training for counselors, pastors, chaplains and others working with addicts and offenders. It offers the counselor new techniques and new hope for those trapped in these life-controlling dysfunctions.

Through this course, the student will learn just how differently addicts and offenders think, and how to enter the world of their mind and use their own thought processes to help them find freedom and fulfillment.

Students learn: how to improve treatment retention rates; how to 'hook' individuals who are in counseling just to satisfy the courts; and how to increase the probability of lasting and meaningful change.

In fifteen information-packed lessons, the student will gain understanding in the factors contributing to lives of addiction, violence and crime; the differences in this population's thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and defense mechanisms; how to select the appropriate treatment plan and level of care; and how to best advocate for clients without enabling them.

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Credit:3 contact hours
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