Certificate of Domestic Violence Counseling

The Save our Families (SOF) Domestic Violence Counseling course series have been designed for personal growth, marriage and family counseling, pastor counseling, and social work training. Developed by Dr. James Potter, many of the courses have been used in programs certified by state courts and probation departments for a number of years.

The Save Our Families Series provides life-changing answers to age-old problems that destroy families and individual’s lives. Each volume facilitates a growing personal relationship between the student and Jesus Christ, through a personal application of the Scriptures. Each Volume addresses specific barriers that stand in the way of oneness with our Creator, providing faith-based Scriptural keys for overcoming these barriers.

Courses Required for the Certificate of Domestic Violence Counseling (Click to Register):
SOF501 Soul Care: An Introduction to Pastoral Care    3 contact hours
SOF502 Mastery Over Anger: Using anger constructively    3 contact hours
SOF503 Assertiveness, Individuation & Autonomy (Faith-based Assertiveness Training)    3 contact hours
SOF504 Conquering Codependency: Restoring Your Self-identity    3 contact hours
SOF505 Arrested Development & Personality Disorders: Healing the Jekyll & Hyde Schism    3 contact hours
SOF506 Healing Inner-Child Wounds: Breaking Negative Life-Commandments    3 contact hours
SOF507 Toxic Shame & The Journey Out: A 12-Step Journey    3 contact hours
SOF508 Growing Beyond Our Genetics: Escaping Adolescence & Becoming An Adult    3 contact hours
SOF509 Marriage Bonding vs. Relationship Bondage: Key to Affair-proofing Your Marriage    3 contact hours
SOF510 Counseling Addicts & Offenders: A Guide to Criminal Justice Counseling    3 contact hours
Program Total: 30 contact hours