How to Register

Vision Online allows you to register for individual courses comprising degree and certificate programs.  Courses are offered for college credit and continuing education contact hours with various Vision International Education Network Institutions.  Registration is easy and convenient. 

Tuition payments are made via our secure PayPalŪ system.  A PayPalŪ is not required; you may pay with your credit card or checking account.  Easy monthly tuition payment plans are available at 0% interest financing.

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To Register for a Course Leading to a Degree or Certificate:

1. Click on Programs to view courses that lead to a degree or certificate.
2. Click on your desired program from the list.
3. Click on your desired course from the list.
4. Click the "Register Now" button.
5. If you have used Vision Online before and you already have a username/password, you may login on the right hand side of the page.  Click "Proceed to Payment..." to continue.  Proceed to step 7.
6. If this is your first time using Vision Online, complete the registration form on the left hand side of the page.  Click "Proceed to Payment..." to continue.
7. You will be redirected to the Vision Online Learning Environment to choose your payment plan.  You may choose to pay the course tuition in full, setup a payment plan, or if you have a VMA (Vision Managed Account) you may pay your Online Learning Service Charge.  Select your payment method and click "Proceed to Payment..." to continue.  You will be temporarily redirected to PayPalŪ to make your secure payment.  Please Note:  A PayPalŪ is not required; you may pay with your credit card or checking account.
8. Complete the payment details form provided by PayPalŪ, including your name, address, and credit card/checking account information.  Click "Continue to Checkout" to confirm your payment.
9. Confirm your payment.  You will be redirected back to Vision Online and you will see your course listed in "My Current Courses".  Click on your course to begin your studies.

To Register for a General Course:

1. Click on Courses to browse all courses offered by Vision Online.  
2. Choose a Category from the list and click the "go" button.  
3. Click on the course title from the list.  
4. Continue at Step 4 in the step-by-step instructions listed above.  

Need help registering?
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